Tinnitus Medication


Tinnitus Medication


Tinnitus sufferers will tell you with a quickness that this condition far surpasses just a little extra noise in the ears. It can become an all consuming condition that makes it impossible to focus, hard to sleep at night and can effect your social life.  


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Many sufferers become desperate for help rather quickly. There are some treatment options for Tinnitus, but those options largely depend on the cause of the Tinnitus.  


The Primary Objective  


The primary objective is to be able to determine the cause unfortunately in some cases the cause is never able to be determined. There are some drugs that have been used when a cause can not be determined and although there is no scientific proof they do seem to help. Neurotin an anti seizure medication has helped some folks, but again there is no clinical proof that this is Tinnitus medication is any more effective than a placebo.  


Ear Wax or Trauma to the Ear Drum 


Some forms of Tinnitus can be caused by an ear wax build up. Tinnitus medication for this type of Tinnitus usually means some sort of ear drops to soften the wax. Typically if there is trauma to the ear drum the only course of treatment is antibiotic drops to prevent further infection and time for the ear drum to heal.  


Sinus Infection  


Some Tinnitus is caused by sinus infection Tinnitus medication in this case is simply a decongestant. Once the decongestant takes effect the Tinnitus will disappear.  




Folks with diabetes have been known to develop Tinnitus. It is believed that the Tinnitus is brought on by poor circulation as a direct result of the diabetes. In some cases it is a temporary situation that can be eradicated once the diabetes is under control.  


In some cases where the Tinnitus is brought on by diabetes the damage is permanent and can not be repaired.  


Bottom Line


The bottom line is that there is no specific type of Tinnitus medicine that will cure all the types of Tinnitus. There is medication that can be taken that may get the symptoms under control but there is no actual Tinnitus medication. The best hope is to determine the cause and treat it so that the Tinnitus will disappear when whatever ailment is healed.  

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If you have Tinnitus that has no definitive cause they you may want to consider a homeopathic remedy to relieve the symptoms until a Tinnitus medicine becomes available.