Sonavil Tinnitus Reviews – Is Sonavil Tinnitus Treatment a Scam



Sonavil Tinnitus Reviews – Is Sonavil Tinnitus Treatment a Scam?  

The Sonavil Tinnitus reviews show that this is an all natural product that is geared toward the treatment of Tinnitus. Tinnitus is a constant ringing or noise in the ear. This is often complicated by ear pain. There is no known cure for Tinnitus but there are plenty of products that claim to treat the symptoms.  


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Sonavli Tinnitus Treatment is very affordable at less than ten dollars a bottle. The formula is delivered in pill form with 60 pills per bottle. The directions require that you take 2 pills in the morning and 2 pills at night for the first 30 days so the bottle does not last very long.  



Tinnitus Facts  


Tinnitus is a condition which effects hearing it is thought to be caused by nerve damage to the inner ear. There is no known cure for Tinnitus. There are some people that swear by all natural herbal cures but there is no clinical information that backs up these claims.  





Sonavil Tinnitus Treatment claims that after using this product for a very short period of time, the symptoms of Tinnitus will virtually disappear. The manufacturer guarantees that the product will work, but I could not find the actual guarantee, so am not certain the terms of the guarantee.  



Consumer Reviews for Sonavli Tinnitus Treatment 


Unfortunately most consumers have found that Sonavil Tinnitus Treatment has not performed as promised. Here are some comments left on by users of Sonavil Tinnitus Treatment: 


“Oh, how I wished this had worked. I vowed I would make no judgment until I had used it as directed for 30 days. Well, my 30-days of taking it morning and night without fail is over. It didn't relieve the ringing any. Nadda. None. Bummer. I guess it's time to find out what the "guaranteed to work" claim is all about.” 


And “I have had a serious ringing in my left ear for several months...have tried several remedies; tried Sonavil because I hadn't tried it yet....Condition is no better after taking for 3 weeks.” 



Overall Recommendation  


Sonavil like many of the homeopathic products that are available for the treatment of Tinnitus has mixed reviews. It is not known why some people seem to feel some improvement by using these formularies perhaps it can be attributed to a placebo effect. Perhaps if you believe hard enough that something will work the more likely it is that it will work.  


Overall, the Sonavil Tinnitus reviews show that this is a viable product and is not a scam, however there appear to be better all natural tinnitus treatments available.