Quietus Reviews – Is Quietus a Scam


Quietus Reviews – Is Quietus a Scam?   


Do you suffer from ringing in your ears? This condition is clinically known as Tinnitus. Tinnitus causes constant ringing in the ears. This condition can be distracting and make it very hard to get the rest you need at night.


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The Quietus reviews show the product is a system. The system includes tablets and ear drops. The cost is a bit high at right around 100 hundred dollars but if the product works it may be well worth the cost.


The system is a homeopathic remedy that is purported to be 100% natural ingredients although the manufacturer does offer a disclaimer admitting that the formulary will not work for everyone. There is a money back guarantee that only applies if the package is returned unopened.  This of course seems a bit counterintuitive. Obviously if the money back guarantee only applies to unopened packages than how would you be able to see if the product works?


Consumer Reviews


The Quietus reviews show the consumer reviews for this product were largely unfavorable. Most users have not experienced any difference at all. For example on Amazon.com a reviewer left the following comment: “I've had tinnitus... it's pronounced TINNitus, BTW, the Quietus commercials even get that wrong... for just 2 years. I tried Queiteus for 3 months and it did nothing. The Quietus folks told me I needed more, but that "results vary". My ENT doctor said the best that I could expect from this homeopathic product was that there's so little medicine in homeopathic nostrums that at least it would do no harm. It harmed my wallet and my hopes. This is a mean thing- to offer an expensive placebo to a large population of exasperated suffers. Exploitative, really.”


Another reviewer left the following also at Amazon.com “ This company is terrible, so terrible that I did not even take the product. Without my authorization they signed me up for "My Bargin Link", and "My Vacation Saves" who both deducted $23.00 from my acct and will until you stop them. Plus this product may only tempoarily lessen the ringing in your ears and you have to continue to buy it. Do not get invloved with this company/product they are just preying on people who have this problem.”


While there are always two sides to every story, this product was not reviewed very well. Most people have found this product did not work. However there are some people who claimed that Quietus does work. Just like the saying goes, “everyone is different”.


Overall, the Quietus reviews show that this is a viable product and is not a scam, however there seems to be better alternatives available.










































Quietus Reviews – Complete Quietus Review  


Quietus Tinnitus Relief is a compound that is tooted to help relieve the symptoms of Tinnitus. Tinnitus is often described as a constant ringing in the ears but it can also be white noise constantly in the ears or even a drumming noise in the ear. 


Tinnitus is a serious condition that can result in migraines, lost concentration, the inability to sleep and a host of other maladies that are directly related to the onset of Tinnitus. Getting the symptoms under control can improve sufferers quality of life tremendously. 


The Quietus reviews show that this is a Tinnitus treatment system that includes both homeopathic ear drops and homeopathic capsules. It is recommended by the manufacturer that you use both products simultaneously to achieve the best results. 


The company offers a money back guarantee, a 100% money back guarantee if the product does not work! Well the guarantee only pays out on products that are unopened and that can be resold? That is a bit confusing. How do you know if the product works or not if you do not open the package and use the product? Hmm, so I guess there is no guarantee. 


What Is It 


Quietus is like most of the Tinnitus “treatment” products. It is a herbal compound of herbs that are believed to increase blood flow to the inner ear. There is some theory that in some cases of Tinnitus that the condition is caused by a restriction of blood flow to the inner ear and the nerves of the inner ear. 




The cost is a bit high. You can get a month supply of capsules and a months supply of drops for about one hundred bucks. Clearly if the product works than a hundred bucks seems a reasonable expense,but if it does not work because of the unusual guarantee you are out a hundred bucks. 


Keep in mind that there is no medical treatment so this may be one of the few options for relief. 


What Users Have Said 


Frankly the reviews of this product on Amazon.com are at best a disappointment. It did not seem like any people found this product helpful. All the reviews were negative with some folks calling for a class action suit against the company that sells this product. 




Take a look: 


“I used this product for 50 days and have seen (heard) no difference” 


“I hope this works for others it had no effect on my Tinnitus. I even tried doubling the dosage.” 


“its junk dont waste your money.” 



Overall, the Quietus reviews show that this is a viable product and is not a Quietus scam.