How to Stop Tinnitus


How to Stop Tinnitus  


Tinnitus is a condition that causes either a ringing noise or a pounding noise in the ear. There are millions of people that suffer from Tinnitus each year. The causes vary with some causes leaving permanent damage and other causes resulting in only a temporary Tinnitus situation. There are several exercises that can cure tinnitus


Sufferers of this condition report being unable to sleep at night. They have trouble focusing. Socializing becomes difficult because of the constant noise they hear. This condition can be completely debilitating.  



Steps to Stopping Tinnitus  


The first step in stopping Tinnitus is to determine what the cause is, each cause requires a different approach to stopping Tinnitus. For example a common cause of temporary Tinnitus is hard waxy build up in the inner ear, once the wax is removed than the Tinnitus stops.  


In some cases how to stop Tinnitus really lies completely in the preventive steps. A good example of how to stop Tinnitus before it ever starts is with construction work. Construction sites can be very loud, jack hammer operators for example should always use the proper head gear to protect their hearing anyone that works in this industry should use ear plugs to protect their ears from damage. Folks that listen to loud music constantly are also at risk for developing Tinnitus.  


Each case is a bit different from the next when it comes to Tinnitus so what works for one person may not work for another. There is a rather simple exercise that most anyone that suffers from Tinnitus can try.  



Exercise for Stopping Tinnitus 


This exercise can be done by any Tinnitus sufferer, it certainly is worth a try and will not cause any further harm.  


In a sitting position cover both your ears with the palms of your hands. Your fingers should be facing the back of your head. Place your forefinger at the base of your skull on either side of your head. Using your middle finger lift your forefinger and snap it against your skull. The noise should be rather loud with your ears covered it should sound like the beat of a drum. Do this around forty to fifty times. You can do this as many times a day as you like, many people report that this simple exercise has rid them of Tinnitus.  



Medications to Stop Tinnitus 


Most medications fall completely short when it comes to how to stop Tinnitus. As a matter of fact unless your Tinnitus is medically related medication probably will not help at all.  


Trying to stop tinnitus can seem like a huge task, however there are methods you can take to help cure tinnitus