Natural Tinnitus Remedies



Natural Tinnitus Remedies  


Tinnitus has many different causes but the results are the same in each case. The sufferer winds up with a constant ringing in the ears or some other sound that simply will not go away.  


Tinnitus sufferers site it as the cause for their depression, loss of focus, loss of sleep and inability to effectively socialize. This debilitating condition has a host of causes that range from the very temporary and simple to the completely complex.  


There are many different “cures” on the market for Tinnitus some work for some people and some work for others. In most cases the cures will not cause any further harm either way. As with anything, there are better products than others. Probably the most popular home remedy is TinnitusMD.



Herbal Ear Drops 


There are typically two ways of delivering natural tinnitus remedies.. In pill form and in ear drops. The ear drops that are used in natural cures for Tinnitus are typically the oil or extract from one of the herbs that have shown promise in improving the condition of Tinnitus.  


Some of the herbs that are used in ear drops as part of the natural tinnitus remedies include; Black Cohosh, Gingko Bilboa, Lesser Perriwinkle and Sesame Seeds to name a few.  These ingredients are either seeped into a liquid tea and dropped into the ear or they are treated to remove the oils.  


Some other natural cures for Tinnitus include using a drop or two of onion juice twice  a day in each ear until the ringing stops and then as maintenance using a drop or two of onion juice once a week.  There is a full array of herbs and seeds that can be made into ear drops to help alleviate the symptoms of Tinnitus.  



Natural Foods 


There are some foods that are also believed to be helpful in reducing the effects of Tinnitus. Basically any food that is rich in zinc is believed to improve the condition of Tinnitus.  


Spinach is a good example of a food rich in zinc that should help the Tinnitus. Sunflower seeds are also believed to help control the ringing from Tinnitus.  



Things To Avoid 


If you suffer from Tinnitus there are actually herbs you should avoid because they will only intensify the experience. Any aspirin like herb, like willow bark, wintergreen and meadow sweet should be avoided.  


The best part about using natural tinnitus remedies is in most cases there are no side effects so either the cure will work or it will not.